Ozzborn Blackfoot


Part One Parents

In the land he is from, the High Elf name of Blackfoot is one that garners great respect. Ozzborn Blackfoot grew up in a large village that lay between two mountains, evenly divided by a flowing stream. His mother and father were both accomplished wizards. His mother, Rose, studied the art of healing at the Rofose Academy of the Arcane. His father, Sylvester(whom everyone called Vester), tended to jump from school to school of study, grasping control of each with ease. It never ceased to impress his teachers how a boy so young could so easily grasp control of each school.

Rose and Sylvester met as a result of a scuffle that took place in their last year of schooling at the academy. Not too far away, in a town called Hammerfell, Vester had got caught up in a argument with a group of nefarious wizards that he had outsmarted with a simple riddle. This earned him a two large bags. One filled with vast amounts of platinum, and another of even greater value…

“It brings back the lost as never gone. Shines laughter and tears with light long since shone. A moment to make, and a life time to shed. Valued then but lost when you are dead.”

When the five wizards could not answer, they were forced by the tavern owner to pay up. After handing the two bags full of riches to Sylvester, one of the wizards turned and screamed out a spell in his rage, killing the bartender and a few other patrons. Thinking on his feet, and knowing that he was the next to be put down, Vester then garbed his wand. Luckily for him, he knew a spell that he was sure would save his life. All he had to do is think of a place that he had been before and in a moment he would be transported there.

Vester was a talented and smart boy, unfortunately for him these innate talents caused him to develop quite a bit of hubris. As he began to vanish from the fight, which he was sure to lose, he couldn’t help but yell the answer that had evaded the wizards.

“It’s a memory!”

This pause to yell the answer over the cries of the dying was enough for one of the wizards to lash out with a spell that not only burned away Vester’s skin, but seemed to burn at his soul itself.

The intense pain wracked Sylvester’s body to the point of losing consciousness, but luckily, he just managed to whisper out the last word of the spell just in time. He reappeared in the peaceful place where he would pass time practicing his spells, thinking and sleeping under the stars. This was a place of beauty and power, and though Sylvester wished he could harness the energies of this place, but he knew somewhere such as this should never be disturbed. This clandestine area was secreted away two days west of the academy. It was a lush garden, untouched by the world, where many odd plants grew all year round. The garden was never empty, even showing signs of growth through the snows of winter.

Although this place was tightly in his mind when he made his escape, the pain that wracked his body reminded him of another place. When he was a child, his father had taken him to a dark cave where Blackfoot children were taken to prove their courage in a ritual. The cave was full of many evil beings, from ghouls to demons, and despite the fires that raged all around, had an unshakable chill that hung in the air. It was an experience he swore to never put his own children through.

Luckily, the spell deposited him in the secret garden. Luckier still, there was another figure there. The figure was Rose Pinethorn. She was small as far as elves go, and had long fiery red hair that framed the glasses on her face. An affliction when she was young took away the usual sharp elven sight she was born with, but she insisted this only caused her to study things more closely, useful in the healing arts she had so long studied. This was a stroke of luck for Sylvester, as Rose was only here to search the vast garden for herbs to assist in her in a final project at the academy. She had been nearby when a flash of light dropped Sylvester to the ground with a disturbing thud.

Rose rushed over to see what the cause of the flash was, and came across the injured boy. His arm was mostly eaten away by the necrotic energies of the spell that had struck him moments before. Rose immediately began to collect herbs to try to save the boy. If she was less proficient in her skills, surely Sylvester would have met his end here. Rose though, was quite talented, and in moments was able to stabilize the injured young elf.

Rose sat with the young boy over night. Though concern was her primary reason, she also had quite a bit of trouble traveling in the night due to her eyesight. She only hoped this delay in traveling back to the academy would not result in the boy’s death.

Day came, and Rose began the difficult trip to the academy. After an excruciatingly difficult journey, Rose was able to get Sylvester back to the Rofose Academy. Sylvester awoke only once during this journey, and only long enough to see that only one satchel had come with him as he desperately made his escape.

Weeks later, the two were inseparable. Sylvester refused to leave the presence of the beautiful star that had saved his life that night, and Rose worried that his brash nature combined with his power would again put his life in danger. She had grown to care for him too much to allow that to happen.

The bag of platinum served them well, and they used it to help those that they could. Eventually, the two became one and they started a family, giving birth to two sons. Ozzborn, the older child, who’s brash and cocky attitude inherited from his father made him a handful. And Barnabus, the younger of the two. His thoughtfulness, quick wit and ability to out think most people were traits he shared with their mother.

You may ask yourself after hearing this tale what happened to the second bag. Sylvester could think of only one place that it could have ended up. That dark place he swore he would never again return to. Somewhere in the dark the bag lay, waiting for some unwise soul to collect it. And as far as Sylvester was concerned, there it could stay…

Ozzborn Blackfoot

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