Kimbotuul Shamash


Kimbotuul Shamash has had a rough life. As an egg, he was found by the Drakhinanar clan amid the bodies of his family, friends and clan mates. To this day, he is unsure of how they were killed, but it weighs heavily on his mind.

Though Shamash was lucky to be found, as he would have certainly died after hatching without the support of his clan, Shamash might not agree with this sentiment. The Drakhinanar clan valued more social attributes, and Shamash’s personality conflicted with this greatly. Most had an inherent distrust of blue Dragonborn, and as such, Shamash’s growth within his adopted clan was limited from birth. This did not mean he did not have a place in such a clan, as physical specimens were in need for protection.

This is where Shamash would find his place in the Drakhinanar clan. Perhaps “place” is too strong a word though, as Shamash was basically kept as a gladiator. He was trained to focus the rage inside of him and many times was sent to fight in the gladiatorial pits to hone his craft. Only after becoming the champion of the arena would he find his true place in the clan, protecting the more prominent members when needed. Despite this, he spent his time locked away below the house of his master, and though treated well as a champion, he was not free.

One day, as Shamash was protecting his master on the road to Belforn, they were ambushed by bandits. Shamash fought fiercely and he and his master were the only two to survive the ordeal. His master, desperate to not have Shamash kill him and make an escape, offered Shamash insight into the death of the Kimbotuul clan if only he would return to his place in Belforn. Reluctantly, Shamash agreed. Though he had dreamed of his freedom, a chance to learn more of the death of his clan was too great to pass up.

Upon their return, as Shamash was put back into his cell, his master kept this promise. Shamash was given a note, apparently found with his egg, that would lend some insight into what happened. What the master failed to mention was it was in an incomprehensible language to Shamash, and as his master walked up the steps from the cells, he laughed.

Shamash would glare at the note trying to will it to allow him to read it. The secrets of the note however, were one of the few things he could not intimidate into answering him. Night after night Shamash wondered at the secrets that lay therein.

Time passed and one night as Shamash slept, his chance to escape presented itself. A raging storm struck the house of his master. And as the sounds of death echoed down to his cell, Shamash awoke to find his cell door open. Rushing upstairs, even he was taken aback by the scene that lay before him. Bodies lay strew about the house of his master. Even amid the rage he willed himself into in combat he had never seen such devastation. There was no evidence as to who claimed the life of his masters, but he knew on thing was for sure, he would not let this chance escape as the other one had.

Grabbing all the provisions he could carry and the little gold he was able to find he lofted his warhammer over his shoulder and rushed out into the night. Undoubtedly, when they found him missing, he would be blamed for this carnage, but that was the least of his concerns. For now, he would find a way to live his new life of freedom for however long it would last. But most importantly, perhaps he could find someone he could trust to read the note that taunted him for so long, and finally find those responsible for the death of the Kimbotuul clan.

Kimbotuul Shamash

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