Hollow Ways

Problem Child

- Made deal with Ventril 

-Met and spoke with Sheoul about the current goings on

-Went to the fort to assist in finding Vella to secure a permit for Ventril

-Wandered into the woods

-Came upon a hut and fought a coven of Night Hags

-Saved Vella, bonded with her a bit

-Got attacked by Vella, who was actually a night hag child

-Vella escaped

-Began trek back to Fort Rho

Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin' on a boat!

The adventurers boarded "Knawth's Honor" to make their month long trip to Fort Rho. 

Talked to crew about life and jobs on the high seas

Fishing and arm wrestling helped pass the time

Checked out the cargo hold

Sailed into storms and fought Storm Elemental

Learned some of the job associated with sailing 

Spotted the Drakhinanar clan ship "Justice" following in their wake

High seas combat ensued that ended with the Justice being sank

Arrived at Fort Rho, where Shamash lost control after losing a test of strength

The party unwinds with shopping and a visit to the local tavern while trying to find information

Party bumps into Ventril and agrees on terms to assist him in opening a new business, which includes doing a job for the Captain at Fort Rho

Sheoul enters…

Tomb Raiders Part 2

Coming Eventually(this was a long game)

Tomb Raiders Part 1

After resupplying in town, our party made it's way to the Tomb of the Faithelss and False. Having found the entrance inside an old mausoleum, the group spent days traveling through a confined, hand dug passage. Running low on sources of light and growing weary from the cramped traveling space, the walk quickly came to an end with them falling into a room overcast with a magical darkness. 

Suddenly, the darkness lifted and after escaping the room, their travels into the Tomb began proper. Through traps and monsters(and an insane gnome)the party made their way deeper into the dungeon. Their goal of finding the relic of Kelemvor that would assist in the curing of the plague sweeping over Aeston driving them forward, despite the creatures and traps standing in their way. 




As our adventurers came face to face with the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud, they were questioned vigorously about the whereabouts of the dwarf that was rumored to be speaking of necromancy. The party, trying to explain where the dwarf went(lying as this was Sariel in disguise) four large meteors streaked from the sky killing the members of the Silent Shroud. Somewhere behind the adventures, a dark and gravely voice commanded the fallen bodies to rise.

As the party found themselves engaged with the newly created zombie horde, a figure dressed in a black top hat, a long coat, and a burlap sack covering his face stood and watched intently.  Tempest encased many of the zombies in roots while Sariel proceeded to burn the undead things. Meanwhile, Shamash let loose his emotions and entered a rage taking huge, crushing swings at them. As the party gained the upper hand, the figure was heard commanding something else to rise, and soon two large undead Ogres entered the fray.

With a combined effort, the massive undead creatures were taken down, just as the man in the burlap sack teleported away from the scene. This was fortunate, as Sariel's magic had backfired on her causing her to be surrounded by Flumphs. Wide eyed with terror, she was unable to move and would have been useless in further combat. 

As things calmed, the party began to check around the rest of the town as no one had come to see the battle. Piles of bone and bloodied daggers as well as dead bodies led the party to believe the necromancer was attacking the rest of the town as they battled the zombies. 

At this time, Tempest was visited by her mother's eagle, who was covered in blood! After checking a few buildings, the party was driven to visit The Grove of the Serene Respite to check if Cascade was okay at the behest of Tempest. They managed to calm and recover a few horses from the remnants of Hammerfell and began their travel to the west.

A few days travel later, a strange purple light was seen in the sky above the heart of the Grove, and the party spurred their horses on faster.

Walking quietly through the woods(or attempting to as Shamash wasn't the most stealthy) the party came upon a gruesome scene. In the middle of a glowing purple symbol at the heart of the Grove, a group of ghasts were found feeding on the remains of members of the Druidic order Tempest belonged to. She could not tell if her mother was among them, but this prompted her to charge into combat. The combined might of the ghasts(plus their horrendous smell and poison) was enough to fell Tempest and her companions rushed to her aid. After a tough fight, the party set about laying the druids to rest as best they could. Though the loss was great, Tempest was relieved to find her mother not among the bodies.

The next place the party visited was Tempest's home. She desperately hoped her mother had returned there, but alas she only found a note that read "We have your mother," and a burlap sack…Shifting into a dire wolf, Tempest caught sent of her mother, the man in the burlap sack, and also noticed the same smell emanating from Ozzborn. After closer inspection, it was found the book Ozzborn carries on him shares the same smell of the man in the burlap sack. This was discussed briefly before Tempest began to follow her mother's scent back towards Aeston.

The party came across a funeral procession for one of the local Clerics of Lathander and Sariel and Tess questioned them as to the state of Aeston. Apparently a plague had befallen the city and despite the efforts of the clerics of every temple, no cure had been found. The casualties were mounting…

The party came to Aeston's gate, which was barred from entry by armed guards. But each member found their way past and into the plagued city in their own way.

Immediately they noticed the barren streets of the large city. Upon doors lay chalk marks, presumably marking houses of the infected, of which there were many. They made their way to the temple district, only to find it a crush of citizens attempting to gain entrance to the closed Temples of every faith.

Ozzborn, in disguise since he was exiled from this city, led the way back to the Rofose Academy of the Arcane to find further clues. Under the guise of a professor, Ozzborn talked his way past the fumbling Novices charged with watching the door. Gaining entrance to the potion master's room where he so long ago gave a sample of the green liquid he carried in a vial around his neck, Ozzbor was astonished to find a perfectly formed half circle crater in the center of the room. Sadly, all useful information was lost in whatever occurred here and the party found themselves at a loss. Ozzborn then wandered into the halls to ask of Haldrid Bane only to find that no one seemed to remember a professor of that name…

Church bells echoed in the distance and the party made their way back to the Temple district. Now, the gates of each Temple were open and the crowds had begin working their way in. This allowed the party entrance into the Temple of Kelemvor where they questioned the Clerics there of the plague and if there was a way to speak with those that have fallen. Father Ogden told them this was a service he could preform, but it was quite expensive. Asking if there was another way they could earn this service, Father Ogden told them of a relic of Kelemvor that may be used to cure the plague that has befallen Aeston in a tomb to the north. Should they retrieve this for him, he would do his best to speak with the dead they wished to speak to. He only needed a bone from the fallen. Agreeing, the party began their preparations to travel north to the Tomb of the Faithless and False.


Look at me...


As Hammerfell recovers from an electrifying night of entertainment, the adventurers make preparations for their upcoming encounter with the vicious kobold Kybore the Dominator. Entering Ventril's Vials, the premiere alchemical store in the area, Sariel disguises herself to get on Ventril's good side. Having done so, she procures healing potions at no cost for the group(the only cost being a long winded story from Ventril about his up bringing). After this, Ozzborn produces a strange vial of green liquid he procured before his exile from Aeston which Ventril can't place, but Tempest reacts poorly to. Though no one else can see, a mysterious black liquid begins to seep from a petri dish and slowly begins to cover the building. Alarmed, Tempest declares it is now time to go. As they leave town, Tempest notices the blackness slowly taking over Ventril's Vials and creeping over the ground moving west…

As the party travels, they begin to get to know each other. Further conversations are prompted when, in the morning, an eagle with a pouch in it's mouth awaits Tess and Ozzborn waking. Tess places some gold in the pouch of the eagle, and it promptly flies away. Many questions are asked and soon the vast debt that Ozzborn and Tess are in is revealed.

Coming upon the cave of Kybore the Dominator, our adventurers have their first true test as a party, coming up against poisonous giant centipedes and a large group of kobolds. The parties skills are put on display as each member shows their prowess in combat. Soon, they come upon Kybore the Dominator himself, pacing in front of his throne of skulls awaiting the battle to come. Chanting his praises to Kurtulmak, the frothing Kybore leaps into battle. A vicious battle between Kybore and Shamash ensues as Tess ducks into the shadows to plan her next move. As the battle rages, from the depths of the water next to Kybore's throne, two giant toads arise to help their master. Springing from the Shadows, Tess almost severs one's tongue as it attempts to grip Sariel and swallow her whole. Eventually, Kybore and his battle toads fall to the party and while Ozzborn dives into the ponds to find any awaiting treasure, Tess finds a hidden compartment behind the throne and when opened a trap is sprung and finds Tess paralyzed. Tempest quickly helps her though, and as Ozzborn surfaces with a strange box, Tess is again able to move.

After resting in the now empty cave, the group exits, now curious enough of the strange box to press the small button resting on top. Immediately, a strange creature appears. Black as pitch and never breaking eye contact, the thing introduces itself as an Itpeeks. Moments later, Ozzborn asks it for help with something, and he and the creature vanish. At a loss about how to help their friend, Sariel comes up with an ingenious method of not dealing with the second creature summoned from the box directly. Unfortunately, she mis speaks a question and soon the party finds themselves in the vast mists of the Ethereal Plane.  Having no choice but to continue on, they begin to walk north into the mists…

Fortunately for them, the power of the Itseeks is limited across planes, and after an hour they are returned safely to in front of the cave. Deciding they have dealt enough with the creatures of the box, they make their way back to Hammerfell.

As the party travels, Ozzborn spills the secrets of his brother Barnabus's death and the book that he stole to help bring him back. This illicits some uncomfortable conversations, but in the end the group's thirst for adventure and gold outweighs the morale issues brought up by Ozzborn's quest. It is made very clear that they have no interest in this part of Ozzborn's dealings…

Back in Hammerfell, spoils are collected and trophies hung. However, the mention of Necromancy catches the barkeeps attention, and though Sariel(in disguise again) manages to dissuade the barkeep from being too frightened, his masters had been called the second Necromancy was uttered.

The next day, the group is awakened by a commotion outside of the Inn. Drawn outside by the noise, our group exits into the street of Hammerfell to see a large group of men armed with shovels bearing the symbol of Kelemvor. Sariel recognizes them as the rumored sect, The Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud, and a stand off ensues…


And away we go!

Finding themselves in debt to the leader of the Hushed Chain(a thieves guild of some renown that Tess is a member of) , Ozzborn and Tess set out to make their fortune as adventurers! Unfortunately for them, there is danger around every corner and before they can set out, they find themselves looking for help on their travels. Posting a few "Adventurers Wanted" signs, they soon find the hulking blue Dragonborn, Shamash(with a more than a passing interest in gold…and violence) and a wild eyed half elf name Sariel, whose natural talent with magic comes at a price…

Later that night, events unfold at the Rofose Academy of Arcane that finds Ozzborn exiled from the city and, with that, our group makes their way into the night towards fame, fortune and in Shamash and Sariel's case, 2% of 5% of the treasure. 

It soon occurs to our intrepid adventurers that the woods around Aeston are a bit more difficult to navigate that originally expected. Luckily for them, as they set up camp and try to get their bearings, a helpful Druid wanders in to their camp to aid them. Having heard tales of a bard named Rook offering good gold for work, Tempest Bloomdancer promises to lead the group to the nearby town of Hammerfell where Rook awaits willing adventurers up to task.

Upon their travels, a lone kobold is spotted caught in a trap and though Shamash expresses his interest in making a snack of the thing, Ozzborn simply burned it to cinders. Tempest wonders quietly to herself why this kobold and the trap are so near her Grove, and promptly receives a letter from her mother's eagle that she should stay out of the woods for a few days. Adhering to her mother's wishes, she decides to accompany the group into the town of Hammerfell. 

After a few days travel(and an unexpected hair cut for Sariel), they found themselves in the Squared-Circle Tavern being entertained by the most electrifying bard in theatrical entertainment today. After the show, introductions were made despite the bard's insistence that their names didn't matter, and soon the group found themselves hired to hunt Kybore the Dominator, a kobold of some infamy in these parts. With that, they decided to rest and in the morning they would prepare to begin the hunt.


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